Our Story

Joe and Marie Thompson moved to Churchville in 1954 and joined Our Lady of Good Counsel parish. While active parishioners at OLGC they became aware that the parish was in the process of building a new rectory and convent on Our Lady of Good Counsel church’s grounds and were going to sell both the rectory and convent on Belmont Avenue.

While in Churchville living on Bristol Road the Thompson house was the gathering place for all the neighborhood children. Marie, at the time, was a stay at home mom and spent her time seven days a week entertaining the neighborhood children at her house.

Many times, their neighbors would tell Marie that she should open her own business caring for children. At this time in the late 1950’s there were no licensed day care centers in Bucks County. When Joe and Marie became aware that the convent at 615 Belmont Avenue had been listed for sale they decided to take the risk and open a business that had no blueprint or business plan to follow. They had no “franchises” at the time. They were going to have to be the pioneers in providing child care services in Bucks County.